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jose care partner.

Jose was absolutely wonderful to me during my stay in the hospital. He went above and beyond to not only take care of me, but to make me laugh and encouraged me. He was attentive to all my needs. I just want to really recognize his outstandingcare and to thank him so much!

By: Penny V.

Jason S.

Dr. Jason Sherman is my primary care doctor and through an annual exam, we discovered a hole in my heart. I worked with many wonderful UCLA doctors in getting a procedure done to get it fixed and Dr. Sherman was my steady rock throughout the process. I had several complications after the procedure and he was always there to support me in whatever I needed. One night I ended up at Urgent Care then had to go to the ER and Dr. Sherman was answering my emails after 5-6pm and I remember feeling so grateful he took the time to be there for me.

I desperately needed to get in to see a gynocologist due to one of the complications (I had an appointment that was three months out) and Dr. Sherman sent emails and had his office call repeatedly on my behalf until I got in. I truly appreciate the amazing care from UCLA and want to acknowledge Dr. Sherman for being a fantastic doctor.

By: Amy H.

Cynthia H.

She is such an angel on the earth and she was taking too much care of me she was kind, helpful and knowledgeable nurse thank you cynthia

By: Mohammad T.

Nancy T.

I wanted to thank Dr. Nancy Tsoi for being a kind and caring doctor for my general needs and for referring me to Dr. Shen who has helped me tremendously. Dr. Tsoi has been great for referring me to the right doctor to get the help I need. Thank you, Dr. Tsoi!

By: Cheryl C.

Na S.

Dr. Na Shen has been the most helpful doctor I have had in my life as to helping me get my weight down, ordering the right tests to find out I have thyroid and other issues, and helping me to generally do better and feel better. Thank you, Dr. Shen!

By: Cheryl C.

Jennifer Y.

I have been a patient of Dr. Jennifer Yeung's for nearly 13 years. She is the absolute best. She and her office staff are quick to respond to questions, help with insurance issues, and provide wonderful care. I appreciate knowing I have a doctor who is kind and accessible. This is how medicine should be.

By: Carly E.

Daniel G.

My husband was referred to Dr. Daniel Greenwald by a nurse colleague of mine (I am also a nurse) who became familiar with him during her sister's care (yes, Santa Barbara is a small town!) We had been experiencing less than optimal care by an area oncologist, so we were reserved and fairly traumatized going in for our first consult.
Dr. Greenwald is compassionate, friendly, and very up-to-date on the latest treatment modalities for my husband's cancer type. Of course, I was lurking around with my nurse hat on making sure that we weren't going to have the same type of bungling as previously experienced, and Dr. Greenwald put my mind at ease within the first 5 minutes of treatment discussion. However, just as important was the rapport he established with my husband...he spoke plain language, laid out the plan, and provided realistic amounts of truthful reassurance...they even spoke about wood and furniture building (my husband is a local General Contractor) as a way of bonding on a personal level.
All of our following visits have been something we look forward to rather than dread. We leave with a clear understanding of where things are at as well as an expected plan if things go bad. We can't express enough how valuable he is to us, as well as to our community. Thank you so much for the gift that he is.

By: Sharon W.

Luz D.

Dr. Luz Del Portillo -

Always professional and very responsive to my needs. Love her!

By: Sonia S.

Corinna M.

I love Dr. Corinna Mosher! I followed her from her private practice over to the UCLA Health System. She is thorough and always welcomes my questions. I was excited to see her highlighted in the latest issue of the UCLA magazine - she deserves the "shout out"! I want to wish her a happy Dr. Appreciation Day!

By: Maryann H.

Masha L.

Good Day
I was operated on for parathyroid. I cannot stress enough on the quality of care
I was giving in this hospital. Dr. Masha Livhits, thank you. She did the operation and she did a great job and she is a very nice person. You are great. Thank you
Agnes (Big fan of yours)


Fedirico V.

I live in Utah and was referred to Dr. Federico Velez. He is the kindest physician I have known in my lifetime and I am 71 years old. He offered to see me on a weekend if I could not drive in from Utah during the week. I texted him on a Saturday afternoon after my surgery and he answered me in an hour. There are not many physicians left like Dr. Velez, unfortunately.

By: Mike C.

Murray K.

Heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Murray Kwon for saving my life. He has given me a second chance in life along with the superb team of experts at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

By: Youngah K.

Erin M.

Dr. Erin Mellano -

You have changed my life with the Botox injections in my bladder! You always make me feel comfortable and are so caring and personable. I am so glad I came to a seminar you participated in several years ago and informed me that I had options for UUI. Margaret has been awesome also.

By: Peggy K.

Nazanin G.

Dr. Nazanin Gunn saved me from a mental health crisis last August. I sent her a message through the portal, and she responded right away and gave me an appointment to see her that day. She was compassionate, and understanding, and helped get me through it. She made me feel like I wasn't alone. I will always be thankful to her for that day.

By: Karen K.

All staff A.

What a great waiting system. This gave the family comfort in knowing our love step-by-step process. Thank you for looking out for the patient members.

By: Maria C.

Chris G.

Dr. Chris Gornes is an AMAZING doctor!!!!

By: Evonne H.

Dr. Blanca C.

Dr. Blanca Campos -

You are the best! I am so thankful you are my doctor! Thank you!

By: Anne Marie G.

Vi B.

Vi from housekeeping did a wonderful job with my mother's room today. She was considerate and respectful of my mom's condition. She very thorough in cleaning the room and worked quietly so as to not disturb her. She even mopped under the bed! We are here due to an infection and I really appreciated all the infection control she did (without asking her to do anything she did). We also appreciated her smile which conveyed a appropriately reserved friendliness.

By: Susane N.

Mahtab Moshtagh S.

Dr. Mahtab Moshtagh Sisan -

Excellent care with compassion and understanding. Excellent Doctor!

By: Joydeep D.

Meena M.

I went to urgent care for a horrible cough and wheezing. (Not UCLA). The cough and wheezing continued for about 2 weeks. I went online to try to get an in person appointment at UCLA, so they could listen to my lungs. My PCP did not have an appointment until 3 weeks out. I could only find 1 in-person appointment with Dr. Meena Makhijani in Calabasas. I was skeptical because she was the only provider with an appointment available. She was absolutely wonderful, I feel so lucky that this random appointment was with her. She is extremely professional, so kind and caring. She identified the problem and ordered appropriate x-rays and lab work. She even suggested I come back in 2 days to make sure I was getting better. Her LVN was equally great. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the staff. From the front desk, to the nurses, and the doctor. Each and every one was courteous, professional, and made my visit as comfortable as they possibly could. The x-ray department was wonderful as well. very kind, I had a horrible coughing attack and 3 people ran over with water to see if I was okay. I feel grateful to have met Dr. Meena Makhijani and know she is now part of my care team.

By: Tina O.

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